How are you getting new clients?

This is something we should all be working on consistently and often. Where are your new clients coming from? Do you have a rewards/loyalty program?  Are existing clients sending in friends and family? Word-of-mouth is still one of the top ways new clients find their way to you.  Are new clients finding you online? Always ask how people have found you; it’s a fantastic way to see what marketing channels are working/not working.

Use your social media! Create your online presence to reflect the values and brand you’ve created.  If you’re taking a holistic angle to your craft, feel free to use content that is reflective of that: fitness, healthy recipes, products you’re retailing to support your brand. If you’re high fashion, do a lot of session work, post behind-the-scenes and on-location shots. People love seeing hair photos and before/after pretties that highlight your work, but there’s nothing wrong with including content that’s reflective of your overall brand.  Are you on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat? You should be! These are all great avenues to keep in touch with your clients when they aren’t in your chair.

When is the last time you evaluated your website? It’s always wise to revisit your site several times per year to evaluate how effective it is. How is your photography? Is the information current? Are you blogging on a schedule? Blogging is often overlooked and is an awesome way to get organic site traffic with keywords.  Are you offering online booking?

Google your salon/yourself. Be aware of what the online community is saying about you. Yelp and similar user based review platforms can be a great asset! With the huge influx of people to the Austin area every day there is an abundance of people looking for their “new” places: doctors, dentists, and stylists! If there’s no one to get a referral from, the internet becomes the next best thing.

In short, getting new clients is something to work on a bit every day. Understanding what’s working/not working currently is the first step to make positive changes!